Deck Chairs

Posted: 07/12/2010 in Sharing

Lucy –  “Life, Charlie Brown, is like a deck chair.”

Charlie – “Like a what?”

Lucy – “Have you ever been on a cruise ship?  Passengers open up those canvas deck chairs so they can sit in the sun. Some people place their chairs facing the rear of the ship so they can see where they have been.  Other people place their chairs facing the front of the ship so they can see where they are going.

On the cruise ship of life, Charlie Brown, what way is your deck chair facing?”

Charlie – “I’ve never been able to get one unfolded.”


This school year, our staff will be moving their chairs to the front of the ship.  Some will stay in the back, some will slowly creep up from the middle, but many will run up to the front of the ship, set their chairs down and see what the future will bring!   We are making many changes, upgrading our network, getting some mobile carts for the elementary and the junior/senior high school, going wireless throughout the district, going Google, virtualizing servers and clients (anywhere/anytime access) and …

– dare I say it? –

… opening up the filter for all teachers, and giving them active roles in deciding what is blocked and what isn’t.   This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but now have a good reason to convince the admins (which isn’t going to be too difficult as we have new ones this year) that we need to do this with the Web 2.0 & Digital Citizenship professional development that is happening .

I also want to create a student technology league (aka Justice League of America ala’ Stan Lee – yes, I am a geek), and have them learn about Web 2.0, be leaders for small tech support issues, and role models for the elementary students – maybe even geek buddies, similar to the reading buddies program we have now.  My mind is spinning, and I just thought of that as I am typing… pretty good idea, need to see where those thoughts take me.


This is all in preparation/anticipation, laying the foundation to achieving a 1 to 1 environment for students and teachers.

So, I am both excited and scared to death.

After I take a few deep breaths, I realize that I can be excited, and I don’t have to be scared.  I have found a wonderful PLN via Twitter that is amazing.  John Carver & Shannon Miller from Van Meter, Cari Teske from BCLUW, and Shawn Holloway from Manson North West Webster to name a few (and I stress a few as there are so many more that I could mention).  This connection is so valuable to me that I intend to make sure our staff is very well aware of the advantages of creating and participating in Twitter.  I honestly don’t feel that I would be where I am in the grand scheme of things without my PLN and I feel that our staff would also find it to be very valuable.

So, as I post this, create my PD Wiki, sample blogs, set up the Google Apps area, get the vituralization situated, new network infrastructure…. I realize that I need to grab a blanket and a pillow because I am going to be in this forward facing deck chair for a long time.



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